The Akron Bar Association and Judicial Campaigns

Thank you for visiting our website. Please visit us again in the fall of 2017 for information about the candidates seeking judicial office in the 2017 General Election.


Thank you for visiting our site. The Akron Bar Association accepts the responsibility to evaluate and make recommendations regarding candidates seeking election to the various judgeships (municipal, common pleas, and court of appeals) within Summit County. Through the efforts of the Commission on Judicial Candidates members of the Association conduct research on and interview each candidate.

To that end, the Akron Bar Association assigns one of four possible rankings and works to share those results with members of the public as well as local media. The possible rankings are:

  • Not Acceptable
  • Adequate
  • Good
  • Excellent

The above rankings are not an endorsement for or against any particular candidate. Instead, the rankings are an evaluation by the Commission on Judicial Candidates based on seven standards: Integrity, Legal Knowledge and Ability, Professional Experience, Judicial Temperament, Diligence, Personal Responsibility, and Public & Community Service and only indicate the Commission’s opinion on the suitableness of each candidate for the specific judgeship the candidate is seeking.

This website is designed to promote the ABA ratings and provide a resource for the citizens of Summit County to use when seeking information about the candidates for whom they will be voting in the November election.

The ratings are as follows:


ABA Commission Rating

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